Rabbie Burns - Nine Cheese Louise Special!

Rabbie Burns - Nine Cheese Louise Special!

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We already know that the late great Rabbie Burns was a prolific poet having racked up a phenomenal 716 composed works between the ages of 15 and his untimely death aged 37. However did you know that his day job was as an excise officer, and his greatest hobby after poetry was as a CHEESEMAKER!! 

Yes that's right. In 1788 he was gifted an Ayrshire cow by his mother's friend Mrs Dunlop of Dunlop Cheddar fame, because she loved his poetry so much! Quite taken by the idea of being a cheesemonger Burns decided to buy more dairy cattle in order to get his cheese production going. Of course it was his poor wife who was tasked with doing all the work. However, we rather love the image of our National poet sitting down of a evening after a hard day in the office, by the light of a candle, with a wee dram and a slice of his cheese composing into the night those poems which are so loved and cherished to this day. 

This selection of nine beautiful Scottish cheese will make an excellent accompaniment to celebrate Burns night

You can opt for cheese only, cheese with antipasti, cheese with charcuterie or a why not treat yourself to the lot! 

Collection only from Burntisland (Grain & Sustain, 135 High Street, Burntisland, KY3 9AA). Please pop a note in the delivery instructions with the date that you would like to collect and any substitutions if you prefer no blue for instance. 

Subject to availability your selection will consist of - Rainton Tomme, a wonderfully sweet and nutty hard cheese in the style of alpine classics such as Tomme de Savoie 

- An unctuous creamy white mould rinded Morangie Brie

- The mild but beautifully balanced and slightly crumbly Blue Murder.

- Our absolute favourite cheddar from the Isle of Mull. Rich but mellow, slightly sharp and crumbly with it's unique flavour derived from the coastal botanicals that the cows graze on.

- Scottish classic Black Crowdie a mild and creamy soft cheese rolled in pinhead oats and black pepper.

- Inverloch Goat, a wonderfully smooth hard cheese, not overpowering in goatiness and with a balanced piquancy.  

- Minger a strong and punchy washed rind cheese with a creamy interior in the style of Epoisses. 

- Highlands Camembert: Firmer and with a lower fat content than its brie counterpart. A delicious full flavour with a sweet but earthy finish. 

- Howgate Blue: Another excellent Scottish blue with a rounded paste and dappled blue veins.