Vegan Christmas Cheese Board - Bronze Collection

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We are super proud to work with small handcrafted Scottish and wider British Vegan creamery's and cheese makers to bring you a fabulous selection of some of the best vegan cheeses around. 

Click and collect from Burntisland or Kirkcaldy. No delivery or postal available now. Sorry.  

This box contains 240g of selected handcrafted cheeses. There may be duplicate varieties.

Contains soy and nuts.


East Neuk Oatcakes (Plain only. The cheese version is not vegan friendly):

Nairns Rye and Quinoa:

Nairns Fine Milled Organic:

Gluten Free Rosemary and Sea Salt:


Rubies Apple Relish:

Shaw's Apricot & Ginger Chutney:


Quince Jelly: