The Cheesiest Love Story - Valentines Box

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A Highland heart to show you're mine

Quince paste because you're sweet and kind

You're crackers so we have those too

The indulgent chocs are just for you

Delicious fizz because you're bubbly

Medjool dates exotic and lovely

Some sparklers as you're bright and free

And chutney because you love me!



- 200g hand crafted heart shaped vintage cheddar

- 200g Highland Heart Scottish Brie from Connage Dairy

- 150g Italian Tartu - an indulgent semi hard taleggio embedded with black winter truffle

- 200g East Neuk Artisan Oatcakes

- 50g Caramelized onion chutney

- 25g Italian Quince Paste 

- 80g Organic Fair trade Jumbo Palestinian Medjool Dates 

- 5 chocolate cups 

- One can of Fife made Fior Fruit Fizzy Raspberry and Apple juice 

- Two Sparklers