Scottish Family Favourites Hamper

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One of our most popular Hamper offerings is this Scottish Festive Family Favourites box. It features products from nine small local artisan businesses, so you'll also be helping out all those wee Scottish indie brands and our friends from Hodmedods in England. 

This Hamper has been designed with the whole family in mind so from bairns to grandparents there is something for everyone to enjoy

They make a super family gift or maybe a thanks to your host of you're being treated to Christmas lunch

- Luxury Fruit Trail Mix including dried cranberries, white mulberries, whole apricots, dates, sour cherries, sultanas, raisins, currents, banana chips, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernals, and toasted coconut chips

- Bombay Mix (Allergen: contains peanuts)

- Roasted Peas & Beans:  A lovely crunchy and healthier alternative to crisps

- Baba's Sauce: Homemade Sweet & Spicy sauce from the man himself, Sunny. Made in Dundee these have become quite the local favourite. Amazing mixed with cream cheese as a spread or dip, drizzle over your veg before roasting, use as a meat/tofu/fish marinade, or just enjoy as a condiment. So many options. 

- Kingdom Honey:  Ethically harvested in Dunfermline to support and protect the growth of the colony.  This small batch producer supplies only to us to ensure that the colonies are kept healthy.

-  Hebridean Oatcakes 150g: made using traditional methods in Benbecula by the MacLean Hebridean Bakery 180g (V).

- That's My Jam:  Our very own Traditional Scottish jam, handmade in small batches for us right here in Fife using locally sourced berries.

- Duncan's of Deeside Shortbread 200g (V): Delicious traditional Scottish biscuits from this award winning family run bakery with over three decades of experience. Made using only the finest ingredients including real fruit pieces and no additives. People say the proof is in the pudding. Well they say the proof is in the biscuit, and we agree! 

- Luxury Hot Chocolate (Vg):  Organic fair trade cocoa powder forms the base of this beautiful hot chocolate powder along with real belgian chocolate pieces.

- Grain & Sustain Handmade Olive Oil Soap (VG):  A luxurious olive oil based face and body soap mild enough for all the family.  Beautifully scented with essential oils.

- Bamboo Soap Saver Bag:  This fab and super soft soap bags are fantastic for popping wee nuggets of soap into when you get to the end of your bar.  The bamboo cloth soaks up the soap to make it last longer rather than the soap dripping straight into the bath or shower. The fabric is so soft it also works brilliantly as a wash cloth.  Just hang up to dry between uses. 

- Grain & Sustain Mini Fizzers X 5 (VG):  Use as a foot soak in a warm bowl of water, add to your bath or pop into the bottom of your shower and enjoy the infusion of scent as the steam rises.  Great fun for all the family.

- Fìor Fruit Merchant Fresh Fife Fruit Juice (VG):  Beautiful fresh juice made right here in Fife using British Fruit. The perfect base for a cocktail!

- Grain & Sustain Vegan Pick n Mix 100g: Everyone loves pick n mix regardless of their age and this is one of our absolute bestsellers.

- Grain & Sustain yogurt and chocolate raisins 100g:  Sweet treats with a health touch! 

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