Plastic Free Household Pack

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A selection of our favourite and most popular household products and tools. These are a lovely way to try some new Zero waste products out or as a gift for someone starting out on their journey to show how easy it is to make simple switches. The kit is worth over £20 too so as well as being totally plastic free you're also getting an amazing deal.

This lovely pack contains:

- 100g bar of handmade dish washing soap (SLS and paraben free and vegan friendly) which can also be used as a laundry bar or presoak if you are using soap nuts instead of detergent. 

- Two reusable plastic free dishwashing cloths 

- One coconut fibre scrubber 

- A wax wrap to use instead of cling film or fold it to make a snack bag

- Four of our most popular highly concentrated water soluble cleaning products. You just drop the whole sachet into 750ml of warm water to make up your product. So this kit will make you a whopping 3 litres of cleaning products. Even the wee pouches we send them to you in to protect them in transit are made from plants not plastic and are home compostable.