Luxury Christmas Cheese Box - Diamond Selection

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The Ultimate Luxury cheese board. This beautifully curated selection of premium quality artisan cheeses will create a glorious centrepiece to your Christmas table, or would be a thoughtful gift for a host. 

We have carefully selected a range which creates a balance of textures and flavours to elevate any meal. 

Minimum weight 1.5kg. Scroll to the bottom of the listing for a selection of cheese accompaniments which will complement and enhance this collection. 

Click and collect from Burntisland, Bowhouse or Kirkcaldy shops between 21 - 24 December. Or why not select the £4.50 delivery option for deliveries Fife wide (wednesday 22 December for North Fife and Thursday 23 December for the rest of Fife). Please add a note into the instructions for seller to say which day you would like to collect if you are opting for click and collect. Shipping is £10 UK wide with our specialist chilled overnight courier. We are experiencing a few glitches with the website. Please contact us at for postal orders.


Fourme D'Ambert (Blue): This incredible semi hard blue dates back to Roman times making it one of the oldest French cheeses in production. Made in the Auvergne region it has a wonderfully creamy texture with a smooth finish and a refined flavour. 

Taleggio (Semi Soft): This Italian classic just sings with flavour. A washed rind encases a smooth, semi soft interior. Hailing from the Lombardia region it is sweet, aromatic and with a hint of a truffle aftertaste.

Raclette (Semi Hard): This incredible Swiss cheese is traditionally known as a melting or grilling cheese. But it also eats beautifully just on its own. Sweet, creamy, firm and nutty with a springy and slightly open texture typical of cheese from the region. 

Coastal Cheddar (Hard): Aged for up to 15 months, this is a rich, rugged and mature Cheddar with a distinctive crunch. A British classic, this excellent hard cheese is made on the Ford Farm in Dorset, England. 

Brie de Mariotte (Semi Soft): A beautiful example of this French classic. Made in Bretagne it is rich, indulgent and incredibly smooth. Let it rise to room temperature to enjoy the signature ooze.

White Stilton: White Stilton is made to the same PDO protected standards as Blue Stilton, but without the penicillium roqueforti mould which creates the veins. The result is a delicate white cheese with a fresh mild taste and crumbly texture. White stilton is a young cheese and is usually sold at just 4 weeks old. 

Tomme de Savoie (Semi Hard): An ancient, traditional French cheese from the Savoy region, this semi-hard cow's milk cheese is buttery beige color with a grey brown rind. It typically shows numerous holes (or eyes) pervading the pâté with a savoury finish. It is surprisingly low in fat, due to the fact that it is made from the skim milk left over after separated cream has been used to make butter or richer cheeses. 

Rollright: This is a cheese steeped in history. Created by David Jowett when he was working with the Haine family, whose farm encircled the 'King Stone' - one of the ancient Rollright stones. Based on the classic French cheese Reblochon, it has a washed rind, with a smooth buttery inside. Less pungent than an Epoisses but more punchy than a Brie or Camembert. It is encircled in a spruce band that helps hold it together and adds a pine-y note to the cheese. So you get different flavour profiles in different parts of the cheese

Roccolo Valteleggio: One of our favourites and with good reason. This is a multi award winning cheese including a gold medal winner of the World Cheese Awards. It is encased in a thin, rough rind with a buttery texture toward the outside while the center remains white and crumbly. It thus offers dual avors: an extremely intense and sweet outer layer enclosing a slightly tangy and fresh center. It is aged for an average of 6 months.

Selle Sur Cher AOC:  An individual soft creamy goats cheese coated with a light dusting of charcoal. Tangy, distinctive and rich tasting with a velvet texture. Very typically French. Also delicious grilled or enjoyed drizzled with honey and topped with walnuts. It originates from Sologne in Central France, and was made for the first time in the 19th century. 

Comte: Crafted in the stunning Massif du Jura for more than ten centuries this cheese is the pinnacle of excellence. Fruity and sweet it lingers on the palette giving way to a nuttiness and subtle smoky flavour. This hard mountain cheese is matured to perfection in the silence and darkness of special caves where the cheese gets its unique taste, texture and colour. Ours has been. Matured for 18 months. 

Jacquin Flowers & Honey: Pretty as a picture this gorgeous goat log is decorated with dried petals. A fragrant fresh citrus goats log cheese with just the right balance of honey for a natural sweetness.

Gorgonzola: Creamy, buttery and unctuous this fabulous Italian blue holds its own against any other cheese on the market. A spectacular cheese it boasts a slightly milder flavour than some blues but without losing its impact. Let it melt in your mouth and pair with dates, figs or other sweet accompaniments. 


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