Clearspring Organic Malt Syrups 330g

Clearspring Organic Malt Syrups 330g

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Clearspring malt syrups have a rich, mellow taste, and a milder sweetness than that of sugar, honey or maple syrup. As a result they are less likely to overpower the taste of other foods and can be used to sweeten hot drinks and baked foods, as well as toppings for cakes, pancakes and desserts. These malt syrups are organic, vegan and kosher.

Note: When using malt syrups instead of sugar in baking you will need to add them to the liquid ingredients in the recipe rather than the solid ingredients such as flour. You may also need to adjust the quantities of solid ingredients to avoid creating a batter that is too wet.

Barley malt syrup has a deep, rich, complex flavour like molasses and is stickier than rice malt syrup, great for use as a binder, so ideal for making muesli bars and popcorn clusters.

Rice malt syrup has a subtle caramel flavour similar to butterscotch, which adds sweetness to your recipe with a subtle flavour.

Barley Malt Syrup Ingredients: organically grown sprouted barley.

Rice Malt Syrup Ingredients: Rice (80%)*, sprouted barley.