Clearspring Organic Miso Paste 300g

Clearspring Organic Miso Paste 300g

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High quality unpasteurised barley miso, a fermented Japanese soya paste, carefully made to a traditional recipe and aged in cedarwood kegs. Use to make authentic Japanese miso soup or to season and enrich the flavour of stews, marinades, sauces and dips.

The white miso is made to an old family recipe and offers a delicious balance of savoury and sweetness whilst still packing an umami punch. Use to make an authentic Japanese miso soup and to enrich the flavour of stews and sauces, or in dressings and even as a glaze.

Alternatively the robust brown rice miso has been developed for maximum nutrition. Since it is made using whole soya beans and brown rice, it has a very wholefood nutritional profile.

All pastes are vegan, kosher and organic.

Barley Miso Ingredients: cultured barley, whole soya beans, sea salt, water.

White Miso Ingredients: soya beans, cultured rice, sea salt, water.

Brown Rice Miso Ingredients: Whole soybeans, cultured brown rice, sea salt, water.