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This beautifully curated selection of premium quality artisan cheeses would be a beautiful end to a sumptuous meal, or a fantastic grazing lunch or treat for a cheese lover!

We have carefully selected a range which creates a balance of textures and flavours to elevate any meal. 

Minimum weight 1kg. Scroll to the bottom of the listing for a selection of cheese accompaniments which will complement and enhance this collection.


Fourme D'Ambert (Blue): This incredible semi hard blue dates back to Roman times making it one of the oldest French cheeses in production. Made in the Auvergne region it has a wonderfully creamy texture with a smooth finish and a refined flavour. 

Taleggio (Semi Soft): This Italian classic just sings with flavour. A washed rind encases a smooth, semi soft interior. Hailing from the Lombardia region it is sweet, aromatic and with a hint of a truffle aftertaste.

Morbier (Semi Soft): Named after the small village of Morbier in Franche-Comté. The cheese has an ivory colour, and is immediately identifiable from the layer of ash, which runs through the middle. The cheese takes about 45 days to 3 months for full maturation with a rich and creamy flavour and yellow rind.

Coastal Cheddar (Hard): Aged for up to 15 months, this is a rich, rugged and mature Cheddar with a distinctive crunch. A British classic, this excellent hard cheese is made on the Ford Farm in Dorset, England. 

Brie de Mariotte (Semi Soft): A beautiful example of this French classic. Made in Bretagne it is rich, indulgent and incredibly smooth. Let it rise to room temperature to enjoy the signature ooze.

Montagnolo Affine: This unctuous and indulgent triple crème soft cheese is surface ripened and marbled with blue veins and a grey natural crust. A mellow but beautifully rich flavour is a firm favourite from Käserei Champignon, Lauben / Allgäu, Germany. Aged at low temperature and cold-maturation process, it slowly develops aromatic, consistent and spicy flavour. It has a distinctive, sweet aroma. Rich, buttery and little piquant. It is no surprise that this cheese won the Supreme Champion award at the 2013 International Cheese Awards. 

Cave Aged Gouda: A premium Gouda produced with the best Swiss milk in Switzerland. A slightly nutty unique flavour, full taste with fine spicy caramel notes and a smooth finish.

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