Cheese Club!

Cheese Club!

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Join us at the Burntisland Sands Hotel for our regular Cheese Club! The next one is being held on Friday 16 February 2023 from 7pm - 9pm. 

The first rule of Cheese Club is that you absolutely must talk about cheese!

During the evening we will be using a Structured Approach to Tasting cheese. So as well as learning about the cheese itself (where and how it is made and any unique characteristics), you will learn how to taste cheese just like the professionals!

Even better we will be sharing with you some of the ways that you can use the cheese in canapés and cooking. Recipe ideas will be included, so that you can use your new found knowledge to explore pairing flavours. 

So, if like us you looooooove cheese! Come along and join us for a super fun and engaging evening. 

Burntisland Sands Hotel, Lochies Road, Burntisland, KY3 9JX