REFLECTIONS OF A SHOPKEEPER - Our Year in Numbers - 1 Jan 2021

Posted by Louise Humpington on

Well, what an extraordinary year it has been. Fourteen months ago when we opened the doors to Grain & Sustain Burntisland for the first time we couldn't have anticipated what would be coming. This time last year we knew that with a new baby due any day (giving us three small dudes under four along with a new business), that it was going to be a crazy ride. But my goodness, what a whirlwind it has been and continues to be. Had we been a different kind of business that hadn't been able to stay open during lockdown that very well might have been the end of us. We are so so conscious of that and grateful to you all for your continued and ongoing support. This isn't going to be an Oscar speech I promise. But I did want to just acknowledge and thank all of you for the role that you have played in our achievements these past fourteen months. To our customers, to those to cheerlead from afar, to our absolutely amazing staff and to my family (Will in particular) who put up with so much to allow me to pursue my passion: THANK YOU!!
Our year (and a bit) in numbers:
- Shops opened in our first year: 2
- Jobs created: 6
- Products added to our refill range: 426
- Social media followers gained: 7282
- Awards won: 4
- Products sold on refill: 18.18 tonnes
- Distance of recycled paper wrapping sold: 1.35km
- Independent British businesses supported: Over 100
- Charities and community groups supported: 27
- Trees planted in the Scottish Highlands to offset our carbon footprint: 19

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